- Record your favourite radio show.

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Mobile App

Radio broadcasts are still offered in a traditional model: linear, unpersonalised and extremely local. TV broadcasting changed already. We are building a product that will change the game of radio broadcasting forever. Stay Tuned.


Our beta is currently web only. We are working on a mobile app, that will be launched mid 2016.

Build your personal radio station.

Build your radiostation with content from broadcasters around the world, based on your interest.

TV broadcasting changed a few years ago. Audiences broke into the lineair model of broadcasting. They use tools and services to watch to content on their pace. We are convinced that radio broadcasters need to look for similar disruptions. This disruption will be enabled by technology. We understand that shift and are building tools that make this shift possible.

  • Song recognition

    Generating playlists for live radio and recorded broadcasts.

  • Skip to the interesting part

    Broadcasts are offered as snipptes. Fast forward to the interesting part immediately

  • Search in music and spoken word.

    Speech is converted to text. You can search in music and speech.

  • Recommendations

    You get recommended broadcasts from over the world, based on your interests

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